Who is Agewe and Mambo Phara

Agewe is a world-renowned voodoo Houngan who practices with his partner Mambo Phara. Born in Haiti, Agewe’s family relied upon the money earned as fishermen, which is why Agewe’s name translated means the spirit of the sea.

Agewe’s family has deep roots in Voodoo culture. There are generations of Voodoo Priests and Priests in his family line and Agewe himself received the divination from the deities while possessed at a young age.  He learned many skills and how to hone his natural born abilities with the help of his grandfather and father, who learned the ancient skills from their fathers and grandfathers.

Agewe was sent to jungles of Haiti alone at an early age to practice these mystic abilities with nothing to protect him from the wild, no food to feed his hunger and no water to aid his thirst. Agewe stayed in the mountains for 14 days while meditating and becoming one with his magic. After the 14 days, Agewe returned to his village unharmed, fed and hydrated. The Vodou spirits put his integrity to the test and Agewe had proved his worth. From this point on, Agewe studied, learned, lived and breathed Voodoo.

When Agewe was a young man, he was chasing down a wild boar through the jungle which had stolen Agewe’s favorite ring. He spotted the wild boar, crept around a tree in preparation to leap onto the animal and retrieve his ring. It was then Agewe noticed the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was singing songs to the birds and the trees. It was the most beautiful sound Agewe had ever heard. The entire jungle was quiet and the trees were still – as every living and breathing creature wanted to listen as young Mambo Phara sang. At that very moment, Agewe stepped out from behind the tree and they have been inseparable ever since.

Mambo Phara now lives in Agewe’s village and Agewe now holds the highest rank of Voodoo hierarchy, as a Houngan.

Agewe and Phara use their magical gifts to help people, believing they have a duty to conjure the spirits, called Loas, on behalf of others. These spirits can help change a person’s thinking, making what seems impossible become possible. They daily strengthen their personal relationships with the Loa through offerings and ceremonies while still also calling on the wisdom and advice of Houngan and Mambos in their village.

Let Voodooists Agewe and Phara help you today through offering their spiritual guidance.


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