Frequently Asked Questions

Is Voodoo real ? 

Yes. Please refer to this page to read about Voodoo.

How long have you been a Voodoo priest ?

My entire life. I was born into the practice mastering my skills over my lifetime and learning from my forefathers.

What spells are offered ?

I offer a variety of spells. I conduct love spells, prosperity spells, beauty spells, white magic spells, black magic spells and customized spells. The customized spells are created and conducted in a manner which is specific to your needs.

what happens after I purchase spell? 

Once the payment has been made and processed, I connect with the buyer for further information required to complete my spell work. I then cleanse all my tools and ingredients between the earth and the moon for 2 – 4 days. The cleansing time depends of the earth’s elements and the moons position. I need to ensure my tools are fully cleansed.

Depending on the intensity of the intention of the spell(s) that are being created, as sometimes customers will purchase 2 or 3 at a time, the spell work can take 2 to 3 weeks. Once the spell work is finished, the intention is released to its desired target. I will send instructions what to do after the spell has been released, which need to be followed.

How do I create a customized spell ?

The spell is created after a personal discussion with you. Together we will discuss specifically what your need is and the best manner in which to make it happen.

Is it wrong to curse someone or take revenge upon them with a spell ?

Sometimes there are no other options but to seek help from spirits in order to find relief from ailments or help dealing with difficult situations. Ultimately each individual has to decide for themselves whether voodoo is the answer, but based upon numerous testimonials it does work.

Can you kill someone or cause a critical outcome with a Voodoo spell ?

I can, but I will not. Instead I will remove their protection field and positive energies and replace them will feelings of pain and regret. If this is what interests you, please purchase my revenge spell and / or curse spell and give me specific details what your desired outcome for your victim is.

How long does a spell take to begin its work ?

It depends on numerous factors including how open you are to the power of the spirits and my magic. Sometimes people find my spells start working within a few hours or days, while other times the outcomes aren’t noticed for weeks or months.

What do you need to cast a spell ?

To cast the most effective spell, it is best if I am provided a full name, birthdate and location.

How much do your Voodoo spells cost ?

I charge for the materials used and the time spend casting the spell. Some spells can take up to 3 days to complete. I do it at the lowest possible cost of $125.

Who am I and where do I come from ? 

You can find out more about me here.

Can you tell me more about Voodoo ?

You can find out more about Voodoo on the home page.

Is Voodoo unsafe to the person who purchases the spell ?

No. I am very professional and experienced when casting spells. I ensure the initiator (you) and I are protected with a protective shield of white energy before I begin casting the spell. I ensure the Gods have also cast their protection around you before proceeding. I assure you, you are in the greatest and most protective hands before, during and after any and all spells are cast.

Once the desired spell is set in motion, is there anything I should do ? 

Yes. Use your energy to help push the spell in the desired direction. Intentions can help a spell or curse work faster. Follow my instructions which will be provided to you through email. Let the spell do its magic.

How can I order a spell from you ?

Go to the Voodoo Spell page and click on whatever spell you desire. Once you find the appropriate spell click on the order here button. If you cannot find the spell to suit your needs, send me a personal message here (link to contact me) and I will personally discuss with you other options.

what if the spell doesn’t work? 

This has never happened the spell always work. Sometimes customers don’t follow the list of rules I have given them and this can cause the spell work to be delayed. Other times, by rarity, the spell can take up to six months to be completed. If within the six month period the customer is not satisfied, please contact me through the site and we will discuss a restitution.

I made an order and still haven’t received a response.

Please check your spam and / or junk mail folder.


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